Shipping Information

Shipping information

Delivery prices depend on size and location, for example a Commodore bumper would cost around $100 to ship to north island centres. The same bumper would be around $70 to send to south locations. Large items are packaged into heavy duty cardboard cartons, small items are wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard.

Freight Policy/Damages

Merchandise signed for is assumed delivered and un-damaged. Please remember to inspect all packages for any exterior damage, such as torn, crushed or opened areas. This may result in products being damaged due to mishandling by carrier. Always inform carrier at point of delivery time of any damages seen on packages and request carrier to note all seen damages on documentation of delivery. Once you sign for delivery, you assume all responsibility of products shipped. Products that are damaged through negligence of the shipping company must be reported to that company within 24 hours after receiving order. If not customer could be held liable for all damages acquired through shipping. Please remember do not discard any portion of the packaging material. The carrier will send a representative to inspect the carton and its contents. Aerotech will not be held responsible for any damages or claims due to the negligence of the shipping company, nor will Aerotech replace or credit any  products damaged in transit.